What are some baby boy names?

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Taylor Zachary Taylor Xavier Taylor Cole Taylor Austin Taylor Blake Taylor Joel Taylor Levi Taylor Nicholas Taylor Matthew Taylor Liam Taylor Keegan Taylor Jaron Taylor Hunter Taylor Garrett Taylor Dylan Taylor Silas Ta... More

Baby Names 2 days ago 10
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Intriguing dream interpretation...?

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You are hugging yourself, since you finally have made the leap to seek help from a doctor for the depression and anxiety you are battling. You are beginning to love and care for yourself. The person almost dead and lying on the floor represents you... More

Dream Interpretation 1 weeks ago 2
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Jealousy issue?

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Whether you like her romantically or just as a friend, your jealousy isn't really fair. There's nothing really wrong with you, everyone feels jealous sometimes like this. Whether it's a friend or more. You just have to accept that yo... More

Friends 5 days ago 2

Has God abandoned me?

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God is not our slave that he should serve us, however he is our Savior . Also how can u blame God for all the negative things in your life? Yes it's hard but it's rather the enemy trying to deter you from God. Without trials we wouldn'... More

Friends 5 days ago 5
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Computer Organization Problem?

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Let T equal the time to perform a task. Let P equal the fraction of time spent doing floating point with the old FP hardware. T = T*P + T*(1 - P) Trivially this comes down to 1 = 1 Now with the new FP hardware let p equal the fraction spe... More

Other - Computers 3 months ago 2
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