Help with flying?

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Remember, airports are designed for people who don't know their way around. On arrival you can go to the ticket counter, where there are machines that can print your boarding pass, or to the humans who will do the same plus take your checked ... More

Air Travel 2 days ago 3
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Female Photography.?

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The lighting is great for this kind of shot and the pose seems natural enough. Using a soft focus filter does not harm this image at all. HOWEVER, since we have minor (14-17 year old) members, you may find that your photo will be deleted and yo... More

Photography 1 months ago 5

White spots on my instax photos?

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Hi Someone, Wow, you used a Clarisonic to clean a camera? Vibrations are not good for electronics. You could easily have damaged the camera more. Also, you'd just be migrating the dust or debris elsewhere in the camera. What needs to be... More

Photography 3 months ago 6

Polaroid Cameras?

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All the Polaroid cameras you find will be used and the film they use costs about $24 for an 8-shot film pack. There is another instant camera made by Fujifilm called an Instax. Its film is less costly, but still may be daunting as you start learn... More

Photography 3 months ago 2
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