What does God really want?

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For us to repent of our sins, so that we may be saved. IF we believe in him, do his will, believe that Jesus came to earth, to die and rise again for us, he'll do that.. He wants us to love him, as he loved us first. Amen. More

Religion & Spirituality 2 days ago 10
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Can vegans eat dognuts?

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Almost all donuts are not vegan. there are a few that are but they almost always are labeled at such and sold at fancy donut and coffee places. But google vegan donuts. My little city has a place - so you never know. There are also recipes onlin... More

Vegetarian & Vegan 4 days ago 10

Is there a way to get DHA on a vegan diet?

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You can get Omega 3s from flax seed and chia seed.But not from lettuce and spinach, One tablespoon of ground flax or chia seeds gives you almost 2 grams of omega 3. (100% of the RDA). It is mostly ALA. Your are right, our bodes convert ALA t... More

Vegetarian & Vegan 1 months ago 7
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Why does pine sol smell so unique?

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Oddly enough, there was a big flap about the scent in pine sol. Apparently more people notice the scent than you'd think! I bet if you googled enough sites, you could find out their approximate formula for scent. It is really very nice in a... More

Cleaning & Laundry 2 weeks ago 3
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Is durarara boring?

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The first episode of almost every show is boring, for the first episode of durarara I'd rate it a 6.5/10, until the plot picks up some parts of the anime can be boring. The characters however, are not boring, it's a very unique anime and i... More

Comics & Animation 1 weeks ago 2

Do you know any animes about child abuse?

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I've never heard of the anime that you mentioned. However, read Mars, which is partially about a withdrawn high school girl whose stepfather forced himself on her when she was 12. I'm not sure whether this manga was ever made into an anim... More

Comics & Animation 2 weeks ago 3
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