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About a month ago I had a MINOR accident and hit the front bumper of a car. I was reversing but this was was RIGHT ON MY ***!!!! I didn t even back up a foot and I hit them. After three weeks or so they texted me saying it was going to be 300$ to fix it. When all that happened was the lisence plate bent and when...

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  1. Erik

    You just found out the hard way, that body work is expensive. Actually, $300 is pretty cheap. So you can either pay the $300, and it's over, or she can file a claim against your insurance. Will that cause your rates to go up? Possibly. Ask your agent. Don't worry about keeping the accident a secret from her, people work things out by themselves all the time. When I was in an accident, I was told that if the damage was less than a thousand, it wouldn't cause my rates to increase. So call and ask. But don't just blow it off. Ignoring her won't make her go away.

  2. StephenWeinstein

    First, you can't shrink an enlarged hole; the only way to repair it fully so that it is as good as new is to replace the bumper, which costs more than $300. If they are asking for only $300, then they are planning to do some sort of patching which isn't as good, and you are getting a great deal.

    Second, a police report isn't "against" someone. A police report is simply a statement of the facts, that a car accident happened, who the drivers were, what the date was, where it happened, etc.
    Regardless of what the police do or do not do, he can sue you, in court, although it might not get to trial. Your insurance company might decide to just pay him and raise your payment. Or to cancel your insurance.

  3. Entidtil

    99.99% of the time when you back into someone, you are liable. You have an obligation to exchange information including insurance information with the other person. If you don't want to use your insurance (very foolish) pay for the damage out of pocket. If you don't cooperate, you can be sued and if you are sued, you will almost certainly lose.
    Accident? Always call the police to the scene and then notify your insurance company..... Always !

    $300 not 300$

  4. lucy

    The last accident I had was in 1996 when I rear ended a car. The cost to fix was $300. My insurance did NOT go up, since it was under $500.

    Where do you get the $100 of your insurance increase? Call your insurance and let them pay. If it costs $300, they pay it. If the cost to repair is $100, they will pay it. Insurance pays what is owed, no more/no less.

  5. CB

    Tell them to get you three written estimates from local repair companies once you have the three estimates offer to send him a check made out to the name of the company with the lowest estimate if he signs a release of liability.
    OR tell him to call the police and let them determine liability - looks like you could claim you were rear-ended - of course that is illegal and unethical. Normally insurance doesn't go up for repairs less than $500.

  6. Kay

    They were supposed to call the police and report it when it happened. It is your word against his at this point. Call a lawyer for a free consultation about what the law is in your state.

  7. stacy

    This was the damage to their car

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