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After all, don't we employ these people to do their jobs?

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  1. Ryde,0n
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    Career politics leads to corruption . The founding fathers never intended any office be a career .

  2. deontaj

    One thing I extremely dislike is that these greedy, conniving, manipulating, corrupt people are tax exempt from money that was made out to be a "donation". Some politicians come in as average Joe's and leave out as millionaires. I say we limit terms and cut salaries. I also want them to release tax returns yearly. To see if their income match what they're getting paid adds up. To insure the American people members of Congress aren't taking bribes.

  3. joseph


    My recommendations:
    12 year limit for US Senators
    18 year limit for Representatives
    24 year limit for combined service
    The power of states to recall US Senators.

  4. Bmore

    make them drive Priuses

  5. Chupate esa!

    If you want something fixed fck it to death...

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