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how do you shave pubic hair soooo smooth that you cant feel the prickly hair??

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  1. PJ

    I use a body grooming shaver and I shave my pubic hair completely smooth once a week.

  2. Kris

    Your hair, down there grows in different directions so I would shave up, down, left, right to make sure you get everything.

  3. Rei

    wax. Even the perfect shave will have stubble grow back very quickly.

  4. Seymana

    You can't

  5. kelvin

    i don't shave it as i don't like the bumps and irritation and i just trim it

  6. Charlie

    well first you get out the chainsaw and start shaving

  7. nalla

    Why???? Oh I forgot-----because every one else does it. Oh the life of a Lemming

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