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My husband is a Christian and he doesn't want sex with me. Is this normal?

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  1. Blodwenbogbrush

    My husband is a Christian and he doesn't want sex with me. Is this normal?

    I have seen your photos and would say Yes - definitely!

  2. Chi girl

    HOW old are you? You can't seriously think being a Christian has anything to do with it.

    Then again, it doesn't matter for a troll.

  3. Sean

    No, it's not normal. While a Christian marrying a non-christian is a sin, the deed has been done. He should seek repentance and love you regardless as his wife--fully. That means he should die to himself for you, lay down his life for you, and treat you as Christ treats the church. He should never divorce you unless you, being the non-christian, seeks divorce. That is what the bible says. It does not tell him to neglect you. I suggest you take this to him and have him confer not only with what the bible says, but with what hopefully a good pastor would say.

  4. Yellow Canary

    This is not normal as we were created to "fill the earth and subdue it." Genesis 1:28 How could humans do this if they did not engage in sex. Have other questions answered from the international website, and Bible Teachings > Bible Questions Answered. See About Us > Activities and About Us > Conventions, Watch videos such as Does God have a Name and Why Study the Bible. Request your FREE personal Bible study, even at a time and place convenient for you.

  5. Anonymous

    In the Bible it says the Best Christians will Give All of themselves to GOD and not have sex anymore! All of Jesus Apostles stop having sex with their wives.
    If your husband is not giving his life to GOD more then before, keep an eye on him.

  6. BBagwinds

    I'd have to see what you look like and know how much money you had when he married you to give an answer.

  7. Jeff

    sure. he probably wants to meet Jacob, here on R&S, and have his way with Jacob from behind...

    unless he's studying to be a priest, then his target will be more like an 8-year-old of either gender.

  8. Faithless

    Yes most Christian men would prefer f*cking young boys

  9. Smokie

    Not normal but way too common.

  10. Publius

    No. Men usually want sex more than their wives do.

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