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I want to sue them all, but I'm not sure at this point whether I want monetary damages or specific performance as a remedy.

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  1. Patrick B

    it's not White females discriminating against you, it's all women.

    You can only sue for legal discrimination if you're part of a protected class. You're being discriminated for being ugly, smelly and having a small penis, that's not a protected class.

  2. Little Princess

    There is no law that requires white females to have sex with trolls.

    Go back to eating your sticks and rocks back in your cave.

  3. Athena

    Not really as you do not have a constitutional right to sex with another person.
    In fact, none of your rights involve the enslavement of another person.

  4. sirbobby98121

    I remember reading about that right - '' life, liberty and the pursuit of skirt ...''
    Oh, wait.... no.

  5. Anonymous

    Nope. It's noone's fault but your own that you can't get laid.

  6. WRG


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