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At least you weren't rude about it carry on.

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  1. PhotonX

    <also can you explain this to me> Okay, as simply as possible, telekinesis is bullshit.
    <Have any of you legit learnt how do to telekinesis> Have you ever seen anyone perform telekinesis before your very eyes? What makes you think you can take anonymous Internet claims at face value? You'll find all kinds of outrageous claims made here; you don't believe everything you read, do you? So, yeah, there's a reason you can't do it, and that's because no one can. I can show you some very convincing YouTube videos that are confirmed fakes. But I'm betting you go your entire life without meeting anyone who can actually perform telekinesis, and I don't mean parlor tricks like so-called psi wheels.

  2. Gollum

    Yes. If I place a pencil on a table, I then think about moving the pencil, then I kick the table and the pencil moves. I did not physically touch the pencil. Or maybe I sneeze really hard and the pencil moves.

    That is as legit as it gets.

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