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I need to know the truth.
Please provide links. Thanks.

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  1. Love me, Baby

    Perhaps the best article can be summarized by liberal stats-genius, Nate Silver.

    [1] Election Update: Democrats Should Panic … If The Polls Still Look Like This In A Week


    [2] Poll: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton tied across battleground states


    [3] RealClearPoltics average: statistical tie


  2. Lamb-chop of God

    The unbiased, unvarnished truth;

    Clinton leads in the average of opinion polls....


    And in the average of consensus pundit predictions;


    And in the average Bookies' odds;


  3. Bazza

    These people who can't tolerate uncertainty!

    That's why you have Fundamentalist Christians. No doubt about it: the world was created 5,000years ago and that's final. And it's definitely true: "And Essau was an hairy man."

  4. Justin Thyme

    Trump is gaining, Clinton`s support is going down.

  5. Sally

    Polls change every day, and there are seven weeks until the election. There is no such thing as "the truth."

  6. J M

    Do your own research

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