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I have always been rail thin since I was born. It has always been the thing I hated most about myself and has been thee reason for multiple situations that other wise wouldn't have existed. When I was younger, people thought my mother wasn't feeding me enough. In elementary school I was teased. Middle...

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  1. Dan

    The simple truth is that "no matter how much I eat" is a lie.

    If you ate enough, you'd gain weight. Calories don't magically disappear. You can say "high metabolism" all you want, but the reality is that you might need more food than someone else, but if you ate enough , you would gain weight.

    What you're really saying is "any amount of food that I'm mentally willing to eat has not been enough to gain weight."

    The answer is to eat more. The real answer is to treat your eating disorder so that you will be able to eat more.

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