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So, I've been working incredibly hard. Getting good grades and generally beaing good. So I asked my dad if I could get a dog, he said yes, and I wanted to get a shelter mutt. But he said that he only wants a purebreed and that it must come from a breeder, I want to adopt a mutt. So how can I try to convince my...

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  1. E. H. Amos

    Yep as Shirley stated the COMPROMISE (in this situation) is to adopt a purebred adult, from a breed specific rescue group. Be advised, only ADULTS can own or adopt dogs.

    You really have no say and cannot LEGALLY own the dog. Your Dad will be footing all food & vet bills. Your Dad is likely to end UP with SAID dog, when/if you go off to college. Therefore, Dad gets a MAJOR vote (if not the entire vote) on the matter.

    Keep in mind, if not for breed specific rescue groups - a lot more dogs would be dying in shelters, as MOST shelters are KILL shelters. Dogs get rotated OUT and onto DEATH ROW, in a week or two, after coming in.

    Rescue groups go in, and take OUT their breeds. They do most (if not ALL the vet work) on the dogs, and sometimes spend a LOT of EXTRA money - if the dogs need to be CURED of heart worms, treated for low thyroid, treated for MANGE, or need surgery.

    They foster & hold onto them in PRIVATE homes, AS LONG AS is NEEDED - to find the RIGHT home. Rescue groups EVALUATE the dog, as to its personality; whether it is good with cats, other dogs, or kids. They do NOT let them languish or go NUTS in kennel runs. In many cases they housebreak & crate train the dogs. All are properly groomed & bathed. Many may get needed socialization or leash training.

    Do not EVER look down YOUR NOSE (again) at Rescue groups, regardless of the mixes or breeds they are saving. It is ALWAYS at far greater time and expense, than at ANY shelter (which is largely TAX funded). Rescue groups do not normally put dogs down - unless they cannot be saved, or unless they have bitten someone.

  2. heart o' gol

    Look up and share with him the following - I suggest you take notes so you can make your points:

    Statistics on how many animals are killed at shelters each year due to lack of homes as well as how much this problem is made worse by breeders breeding for profit.

    Inbreeding problems in purebred dogs, this is all made worse by back yard breeders but even good breeds have genetic problems due to inbreeding of the lines.

    Also, before bringing home a dog, I suggest you think very carefully about how your life and living situation will change over the next 12-15 years, which would be the life expectancy of your dog. Are you planning on college? How will you deal with getting housing for a dog? It is very very difficult to find housing that accepts pets, especially dogs.

  3. Star_of_Darkness

    You can't. You are a child so you can't own, adopt or buy a dog and since your father told you no that means NO.

    Its also his money and he wants a pure bred dog since the pure bred will have less health issues then a mutt from a shelter and since the dog will belong to him he will get what ever dog he wants. You have no say in this

  4. Bob Johnson formerly

    Do some research on pure bred and shelter mutts. Find all the pros and cons then present your findings to your dad.
    Let's say shelter mutts are cheaper in the long run due to less health issue. Focus on things like this.

  5. Anonymous

    You cannot. It's his money - I would presume. You can argue "stats" with him. If his mind is made up that AKC dogs are superior there is nothing you, a juvenile, can say or do to change his mind. It's unfortunate, but it's true.

    When you are legal age move out and purchase a mixed breed. Yes, they are "mutts," but "mutts" is a derisive term.


    you could see if your dad would consider adopting from a breed-specific rescue in your area

  7. GllntKnight

    You can't, his house, his rules, live with it or move out, then you can get whatever you wish.

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