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Are political demonstrations an effective means for changing the law? why?

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  1. -j.

    They are a good first step...not a last one.

    Only legislators can change the law. But they tend not to do that without political pressure. And one of the ways that the public can exert political pressure is to demonstrate.

    If legislators see that their constituents are passionately behind a certain issue, the legislator may put in extra effort to addressing that issue.

  2. LiverGirl98

    Depends on the nature of the demonstration. Some people demonstrate to bring attention to their particular issue/problem and do so in a way that is intelligent, non-aggressive and oftentimes politicians are willing to listen to what is being conveyed. Some people demonstrate politically simply to cause a disturbance or are too aggressive in their approach, thus have less chance of their targeted Government wanting to get involved.

  3. Jeffrey

    No. Laws are changed by legislative bodies, not by the people directly.

  4. mokrie

    Unless you have massive numbers demonstrating, it really does no good at all. It's all about numbers to politicians.

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