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I m not going to post the songs anywhere and I just want to download to I can listen to them later. Is this illegal?

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  1. Duncan

    When you use the YouTube site your agree to abide by their Terms Of Service which state that the content is only available for streaming from the site and is not available for downloading in anyway. If you are taking something that you would normally pay for but are not paying for it you are stealing it. Stealing is illegal.

  2. Ianab

    Technically illegal, but if you don't redistribute it who's ever going to know?

    It's illegal in the same way as old school "mix tapes". No one got busted fir making those, unless you tried to sell them.

  3. Steve S

    for personal use it would be no different to recording a song off the radio and playing back to yourself.
    I don't think anyone has ever been charged with such a crime .

  4. am887

    Technically it's illegal but you'll never get caught doing it.

  5. Hearteyesemoji

    Yes, but keep it a secret and don't upload it anywhere!

  6. alvin

    It is illegal.

  7. davidjohnston29

    It is copyright infringement, yes.

  8. Yanchan

    No only if u redistribute

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