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Will Hillary fall on her face during the first debate?

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  1. Anonymous
    Best Answer

    Lol, she will crash and burn, probably puke up a lung.

  2. Ryde,0n

    The DNC has purchased her a nice walker , one with tennis balls on the feet for better traction and a drink holder .

    Hillary will do just fine , don't you worry ,,,,, she is an empowered intelligent woman .

  3. Apollenaire

    Hard to fall further than the orange fascist after he says he has been following her lead on birther for 5 years. If he is going to follow, why settle for a cheap imitation? Only one of Trump's chumps would do that.

  4. Elroy Jetson

    Probably. Let's just hope her two faces don't both break - they are cracked enough as is.

  5. Summertime

    Shes too knowledgeable. If Trump doesnt spread any viruses on her she will be fine. I dont trust this man. Hillary ? Wear a mask hon!

  6. Gerald Cline

    If they don't let her have the electronic ear-bug so she can be promoted, she tends to get her lies confused.

  7. Anonymous

    WikiLeaks promised to release more good stull this week

  8. Sally

    Are you getting paid to smear her?

  9. Jacob

    No Trumpler will.

  10. China

    Nope, that will be Trumpty

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