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Whats the best and fastest way of going to sleep?

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  1. Doc Brown

    Idk any tips about going to sleep faster, but when i was in high school it used to take me a long time to fall asleep, usually an hour. Then once i got older i realized that it was because it would always be thinking about random things. It may seem common now but i didn't realize it at the time, so that's one big huge thing of not to do, don't think about stuff, don't try to make your plans or think about how your gonna solve something or anything that requires thinking. Now because of that it now only takes me about 15mins to fall asleep. And if your having trouble and can't stop thinking about stuff, what i do to help is i play lyrics of songs in my head, which is basically the same thing as counting sheep. So if your having trouble, think of songs that you know every word to and play it in your head! Hope that helps!

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