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When was the last time fireball answered your question and didn't preach instead?

9 months ago 11


  1. Earl

    Never. Well, once, some years ago, I asked Fireball if she would pray for me. She said no because I wasn't a good enough person. I guess that was a direct answer.

  2. Anonymous

    Never. Fireball either forms an argument of ignorance or just blabbers about her religion because she has to much pride to admit defeat.

  3. Taylor

    She answers with love and wisdom as a rule. You call it preaching because you have decided ahead of time to not listen.

  4. An Chlann Cholmáin

    She never answers any questions, she only preaches(she can't even get that right).

  5. Desolate, Eater Of W

    She just babbles a bunch of crap, thumbs everyone down and moves on.

    I don't remember her being quite so b@tchy a few years back, though.

  6. Rachael

    2 years ago

  7. ✞ 2 ...hunter

    It was a question about Neil Diamond I believe.

  8. Pi

    She has every right to do both or not.

  9. Prof Hugh

    More to be pitied than scolded.

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