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I want to keep the documents that I have in my DroBox but want to delete all info in it on my stolen phone for security reasons. If I click on their "remove all contact sources, including any mobile devices, and remove all of my imported contacts from Dropbox. Remove all services and imported contacts"...

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  1. ari

    Remove all mobile devices and change your username and password don't delete files!!!!!

    Changing your username and password and removing current mobile devices is what to do.
    Besides sending an offer by cellphone text to the thief I will pay $35 no questions asked for the phones return after 4 hours I will crash the esn# by reporting it stolen which will make the phone unusable and unsellable!
    Take the reward no questions asked.
    In 75 percent of the cases you get a phone call in an hour nobody wants a worthless cellphone

    When they bring the phone give them $35 and thank them!

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