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If you have a used clothes hanging in your closet next to your new clothes, would you have to buy all new clothes since you dont know where that used clothes been

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  1. Sur La Mer
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    Heck no!

    Cleaned used clothes, do you think they're any more dirtier than new clothes? Remember: fabric dyes, manufacturing plant, hands that touches them, how many . . . . aren't they full of chemicals? There's chemicals in the air that you breath. But some germs, protect us.

  2. ViroseXRain

    not necessary. as long as they have both (new + used clothing) been washed, then there's certainly nothing wrong with having them together. if you're really uncomfortable with it, maybe separate the used + new clothes with some random piece of fabric to hang, so that they're not touching each other (but that's a bit of paranoia..)

    I actually own more used clothing, but they are grouped with my new stuff too in which there's no harm in it. but I always wash them before putting them in the closet (both the used + new clothes), just to rid a bit of the old smells or whatever from the used clothing, + to remove any excess dye or stuff from the new clothes, so they won't "affect" much. really, just a wash should be fine.

  3. Anonymous

    No, if I buy used clothing like at a vintage or thrift store, the first thing I do when I get home is launder, hand wash or dry clean it before I wear it

  4. luke


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