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My right rear brake went out after days of grinding and even tho my front brakes are very thick and left rear brake still good and I was on a slant stopping from 20mph it felt like a good struggle.Has anyone ever had both rear go out and how would fronts do.Truck is 4,000

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  1. Ianab
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    You problem is that ONE brake isn't working. That means you have 2 brakes working on one side, and only one on the other. When you brake it will pull you to the side. VERY dangerous if you have to make an emergency stop, and you end up swerving into another lane, or a tree, or off a cliff.

    To answer your question, yes front brakes alone will stop you. Think of a motorcycle where the front and back brakes are operated separately. You can stop on the front or rear only, but if you want to stop quickly, you use both.

    BUT, FFS GET YOUR BRAKES FIXED before you cause an accident.

  2. Richard D

    Usually you if you lose one wheel you also lose the other. That is, if it is a hydraulic leak. In a passenger car, the front alone will stop the car, although less well. The rear alone is not adequate but enough to slow you to a stop. As is the E-brake. It is easier to do the brakes than to think about it.

  3. inconsolate61

    well there is something called a master cylinder....

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