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Have you ever posted naked photos on facebook?

9 months ago 19


  1. Paolo

    I've posted naked photos before and sent nudes also but never on Facebook.

  2. Patronising

    Nope. And I wouldn't bother having a facebook account either.

  3. Evilweezil

    I did post a pic without makeup once if that counts as being naked

  4. Goggles

    No, but I did get banned from Fakebook because I pointed out the president is merely a fascist ego with a messiah complex.

  5. Melissa

    I'm not a whore so I don't take any pictures I wouldn't mind my father seeing. Facebook or privately.

  6. HollyPaw

    No. & Never will. P..called it right up there. I do not even use
    Face book at all,let alone this trash. I love real life ..and living
    it..helping others for real..and,when it comes to relationships..
    I intend, to actually live it..that is real,life..& mm* it.~*

  7. Joe W

    What is Facebook.

  8. Dark Place

    Yes, just one, but the private parts are not on show.

  9. Mike M 7

    thats all i post on facebook, my fans demand it....hahaha

  10. Dick Toiletwater

    I may not be smart. But i aint stoopid

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