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Along with Arsenal, Spurs and Everton ?

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  1. Der Fussball Fuehrer

    Liverpool have beaten Arsenal; Leicester and now Chelsea so the Reds are saying they can challenge City.

  2. Captain Awesome

    Yeah theyre definitely contenders, look at the difference between klopp's liverpool and bredans, LoL

  3. Samuel

    No your wrong. Liverpool have now become that club that can beat all the top teams but struggle against the bottom teams when they have to try and break down packed defences. There killer counter attack makes them dangerous against top teams but not the bottom teams

  4. Ryan

    And here was grd8 complaining about Liverpool's fixtures ffs lol

  5. Hombre Sin Nombre AK

    Logically it all looks that way, but we all know logic isn't usually a variable to associate with football...


    MOTM for me was prob Countinho, but Milner and Henderson played well tonight imo

  6. Melons

    they will be in top 6

  7. Kristian

    Arsenal? Haha, good one

  8. Loog5R

    dont think so, city will win it by some margin

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