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To deny the existance of black projects developing advanced electromagnetic craft and other super advanced technology going back to 1950s and earlier in 2016 with all the data available you truly must be an idiot. Speaks a lot about this guy Lucas C and those who share his opinion that such projects do NOT exist....

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  1. ob1knob
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    Most military space programs are supposed to be secret.
    And Flying Objects launched during those programs are expected to remain Unidentified as long as possible

    So YES.

  2. Lucas C

    Think about what you just asked: "Are there secret space programs with UFO type craft?" If these programs are "secret", then why would we, the users of Yahoo Answers, know about them? And if we *did* know about them, we probably wouldn't tell, since, you know, they're secret.

    I doubt very much that there are secret space programs; however, I'm quite certain that there are *military* projects they don't want you to know about. On the one hand, that makes sense; if they make all of their secrets public knowledge, they might lose their advantage in combat. On the other hand, it doesn't feel quite right that the Pentagon can spend billions of taxpayer dollars with virtually no accountability to anyone, on the basis of being top-secret. So make of that what you will.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

    EDIT: You have absolutely no evidence of any of the things you're claiming. If you did, you'd take it to a major news source instead of ranting about conspiracy theories on Yahoo Answers. In summary, it is YOU who are wrong. Thanks for playing, though.

  3. ?


  4. Ray;mond

    Probably, but the programs are likely based on false premise, so useful results are unlikely.

  5. Big Sean

    I couldn't care less.

  6. nfs28300

    That is not how secrets works.

  7. Deplorable Basketeer

    People don't know if they do, but they is.

  8. Iridflare

    No, of course not, but please tell me you're not a troll - that would make it more laughable.

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