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They Wrote This Hi Michael, thank you for touching base re Ignite and congratulations on your recall. Sadly at this time we cannot offer you representation as our books are more or less full and at this time we are specifically looking to take on actors in a younger age range. We were very impressed by you, so...

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  1. bnk01

    There is rule in this industry: "Anything that is not a yes is a no." You know that part of an actor's life (and writer's and director's, etc) is handling constant rejection - well, that's true throughout the business, and there are a million ways people try to soften that rejection because they know how hard it is.
    "We're going in a different direction", "We already have someone in mind for that". "Good luck in your future endeavors" are all polite ways to soften it... but the bottom line is: they said no. Anything that isn't a "yes".
    Sorry - but that is, and always will be, part of this business. Take it and move on to the next opportunity, knowing that you will hear fifty No's for every Yes, and this is one more "no" down before you get to the answer you want.

  2. Kittysue

    "so we do hope you find representation and wish you all the best with your career." -- means go look for another agent because it's not going to be them
    If they were open to keeping you in mind for the future they would have said "at this time we are specifically looking to take on actors in a younger age range." but we will keep your information in our files for reference in case we have any future openings in your age range

    They didn't say that, they said they hope you find representation which means they are not going to come back to you

  3. Tina

    I'm really sorry but this means "We are not going to take you on. Ever. We hope you find representation, but it's not going to be with us."
    It may even be their standard form of rejection.

  4. Empty

    It's the end - they said good luck finding another agent. That's like going on a date to be told "I'm sure you're right for someone but not me". Move on.

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