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Is It true that gays outnumber lesbians ?

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  1. Hermes
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    Yes, although they are less likely to be forthcoming about it.

  2. The Lone Wolverine

    Nah, gay guys just come out more. The majority of them can't even help it because they acted like girls from a young age and everyone could tell they were gay as soon as they met them. Lesbians can hide it better and/or seem to be more confused about their orientation than gay men, and most of the lesbians who are obviously lesbians used to look fairly girly at one time and started butching it up on purpose or to fit their self-gender identity. Plus, there are more women than men in the world anyways, so that comes out to a higher number of lesbians vs gay men.

  3. Nerdy Keith

    I assume you are referring to gays as gay men? There is no evidence to support that gay men outnumber lesbians.

  4. Anonymous

    In my experience, yeah. Statistics bear this out, at least for self-reporting. 2-3 times as many men say they're gay than women.

  5. King

    lesbians that look like dudes are men therefore yes

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