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My rear brake caliper is grinding and the rotor is trashed the brake pad is gone so i bought a rotor and trying to buy a rear brake pad can I buy any online that fits 2005 frontier

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  1. GA41
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    Yes you can, but the life of the brake pad can vary. Cheaper pads won't last as long. You're better off replacing both rear brake pads (and possibly rotors) when you do one side. The other side is probably worn as bad.


    You can buy pads for any vehicle online through any of several auto parts dealers.
    You can't buy 'any' pads for your vehicle. You have to buy pads that actually fit the specific vehicle, but any parts supplier can identify which pads fit based on the year, make, and model of vehicle.

    As GA41 stated, pads are available is different qualities, and some last far longer than others. In addition it is usually a good idea to replace rotors and/or pads on both sides of an axle together.

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