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- Yes, I am using the built in web page to change the channels. In the manual there is no mention of this auto button in the channel selector window. On the web site there is mention of auto updates, but its on a different page that the channel selector.

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  1. Richard

    Which Belkin router have you got. N600 and dual band do not identify a specific router but identify features of the router. N600 dual band sounds like a fairly old router.

  2. Joe

    (I don't have that router, but...)

    I have not had good luck with auto-channel selection, on any router. For myself, I'll do a site survey, looking at what channels my neighbors are using, and pick mine intelligently.

    I'm a Linux guy. For Windows, good tools for this are "netstumbler", and "inSSIDer".

    Good luck.

  3. Frank

    You change it using the BUILT IN WEBPAGE. typically....but it might be different in your case

    You need to READ YOUR MANUAL.

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