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I have read many articles on it and the problem is that I have lost my learner license 1 yr back. Since just I have turned to 18, I want to have a 4 wheeler geared driving license. I don't know much about it so please help me out.

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  1. Ianab

    If your learners permit is still valid (hasn't expired) then apply for a replacement copy. They have all your details on the computer system, you just pay a small fee and they print you a new one. People misplace their licences and permits all the time, so there is a routine procedure for getting a replacement.

    You have to carry your permit with you when you drive, so you can't take the practical test without it.

  2. Poppy

    Go to your states web site and see about an adult learners permit. Your need that to take the drive test. Some states have no wait time, others do.

  3. Rona Lachat

    1) Lost as you cannot find it?
    2) Lost as in bad driver and they took it away.
    Contact Police report it lost Contact the place you got it and apply for replacement.

    2) So Sad Start over after your penalty time. You do not get it back as a Birthday Present.

  4. Fritz

    I'm sure the licensing agency (DMV, etc.) has all the details of your learner's license in their computer system.

  5. dd

    get new one

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