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ok I feel better. I will not fight the cop with my fist.

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  1. tatilendi
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    You have issues bro. You had to take a piss bad and confronted the cop with your attitude? You want to punch the cop in front of the judge? Do you even listen yourself? This is what I would do, first is calm down and not just now but all the time. Think before acting or you will end up in jail. Second, postpone your court date. The cop that gave you the ticket probably issues many tickets that night and all have the same court date, by you postponing it, screws up the cop schedule and may not show up at the new date. When you finally go to court, tell the just that that the 2 miles an hour over the speed limit is within the margin of error for a laser gun. If the cop gave you a ticket based on visual account, that cop is going to look silly in court, I am assuming that your ticket said 47 and the speed limit was 45. I would take a picture of the speed limit sign too before going to court. Stay calm and for god's sake cool it.

  2. laughter_every_day

    If you have a question of some sort, begin by looking up the definition of the word "limit" in a dictionary. I suspect the cop had some other interest and used the 2mph as a pretext to investigate something else (like if your car matched the description of a car used in a recent crime), but your comment inspired the citation. If you are trying to ask for the potential penalty for battery on a police officer, in my state the maximum is ten years.
    BTW the cop will not be there at your first appearance. He will only be in court if you plead not guilty and schedule a trial.

  3. rick29148

    The cops were looking for a vehicle that resembled yours, like from a robbery. He pulled you over to check. I was once pulled-over by a state cop and them 25 minutes later by a Deputy, because my car was VERY similar to one just used in a gas station robbery. Price we 'pay' for keeping safe...

  4. Anonymous

    You were speeding, and you've admitted to it. I don't see what your issue is - it's not hard to stay at or under the limit. Do you have that little control of your accelerator?

    And tailgating isn't illegal when a cop is trying to get you to stop.

  5. Jo

    They were doing their job and I can't f*cking believe YOU'RE so damn mad and if you'd been nice you probably would have been out if there with no more than a damn warning but because of your sh*tty attitude that is why they wasted so much of your "precious" damn time! F*ck YOU!
    Hitting a cop is FELONY and your nothing @ss will be locked up for a long time dumb m/f er.

  6. Fat Bob

    I'll bet you didn't say that to him. You probably thought about it later and were mad and wished you'd said that to him. Did you pee on your leg a little?

  7. Minister of Truth

    court. the judge will likely admonish the harassing cop.

    google how to beat this charge

  8. Anonymous

    cool story bro ... N O T

  9. DBUA

    *sigh* wat can I say, phuck the police, ALL THE POLICE, except those of my country

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