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if you could live in any country, which one would it be? and why?

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  1. conley39

    I'm happy where I am in Colorado in the US, but if I had to move I spent over 13 years living in Mirandola, Italy and loved it there. I can highly recommend Italy - beautiful art, architecture, scenery and music, interesting local festivals, great people and food. Beaches, mountains, lakes, the ocean, historic sites, world class museums and galleries and a lot of varied things to see and do. The best part is the wonderful Italian people. It's very easy to get out and explore Italy and further in Europe using the trains or budget flights. At a high level, life isn't all that different; you still need to work to support yourself, shop, cook, clean house, etc. It's the details that are different. Life tends to be more relaxed. Rather than driving everywhere i tended to walk or bike places. Life was generally at a slower pace. There were frequently things going on in town and local events tended to have something for the entire family. You could stroll into town in the evening and see a concert, dance recital, play in local dialect or other event in the piazza two or three weeks a night in the summer. The local market was Saturday in the town where I lived and then would move on through other towns during the week. There was a local antiquaria (flea market) the 2nd Sunday of every month where the streets were filled with merchants and people browsing/socializing. I'd gladly live there again.

  2. Evan

    Canada, Spain; Brazil, Australia, Japan are my favorites

  3. Lucy

    Maybe italy or Ireland but I do love America.

  4. jon_mac_usa_007

    Bermuda, dark rum and pink sand beaches.

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