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Can you use box dye to lighten your hair after you've used color oops months before? I'm trying to go blonde, and I was going to use box dye, except last time I used box dye to go lighter, it only lightened my roots because they werent dyed like the rest of my hair.... But, I used color oops like 4 or 5...

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  1. Sur La Mer

    You've got layers & layers (from previously dyed hair), on your hair right now. You'll get 12 answers, 12 different options. My option for you: I'd wait a year before you apply any more chemicals.

    Here's an example what hair stripng will do to your hair.

    It is worst than hair dyes, one from YA! "I accidentally dyed my hair this awful black, stripped it, and now it is this crunchy crispy mess!"

    Hair striprs are chemical treatments which are intended to strip out artificial color pigment with less risk or damage to the hair. The chemicals used are called reducing agents.
    Certain 'metal' striprs containing sodium sulphoites are sold for reducing hair dyed with metallic dyes, as these dyes react violently with tint stripper containing hydrogen peroxide-the subsequent reaction may cause so much heat that the hair gets dissolved.
    Example: So i just put Colour B4 on my hair to try and remove my black dye so my hair it's natural colour which is dark blonde. so i've just dried my hair and there's still dark patches on it. and in some places it's gone ginger. i have garnier pre lightener. should i use it? there's no way my hair could look worse than it is now lol.
    Example from YA!: “I had my hair stripped from black to blonde and my hair is a wreck! I have now had my hair dyed back to dark what products can I use to help repair the damage? My hair just snaps every time I wash it ???? I used to have really healthy hair worst mistake of my life!!”

    When it comes to hair care treatments, product use or visits to a salon or spa, the consumer must take responsibility to do their homework and be aware of all the risks involved.

    Bad Hair Habit: Stripng Out Hair Dye
    Smart hair care includes what not to do. If you have a change of heart after you dye your hair a dark shade, stripng out the color will open the cuticle so much that it won't lie as flat as before, says Kim Steckbeck, master stylist at Studio 21 hair salon in Woodstock, Ga. The result is hair damage with dry, brittle, frizzy tresses. "Black is the hardest to remove," she says. "It typically must be done with bleach. This leaves unwanted tones in the hair. Then, you must recolor to a desirable shade. This is very stressful on the hair."

    Some chemicals in hair dyes can be absorbed in small amounts through the skin or inhaled from fumes in the air.

    > > > Hair dye chemicals linked to cancer
    London, Feb 20, 2013 I've been saying that since 2009.
    Hair dyes, which include home hair colouring kits and those used at pricey salons, are linked to deadly cancer-causing chemicals, warn scientists. In 2009 the Mail revealed that women who used hair dyes more than nine times a year had a 60% greater risk of contracting blood cancer.
    A year later the European Commission banned 36 hair dyes which put long-term users at risk of bladder cancer.

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
    I stand up for cancer!

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