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On Redcafe they seem to think he's a top tier defender and the general consensus is he was the best defender in the PL last season.

Personally I think he's very average at best and has a mistake in him every game.

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  1. Viva

    Extremely overrated, your assessment of the fans is correct, as Man Utd fans on Youtube and some on this site are exactly the same as well, at some point last season I remember somebody on here sharing a picture which was some kind of stats comparison chart that supposedly proved that Smalling was better than Ramos, Lol.

    United fans on Youtube also said that Smalling is better than Vertonghen and Alderweireld! Which I found very funny!

  2. Ryan

    Of English defenders I do feel hes one of the best. Of United defenders i do think he should be a starter. So I have to say I do think he's one of the best defenders in the league, but overrated at the same time if that makes sense. You see it a lot in England any Englishman who does reasonably well is over hyped. John Stones was terrible last season, and the year before showed that he wasn't the best defensively. He has improved since joining City, but being very hyped up by the English media even when playing poorly.

  3. Denys

    He's one of England's best defenders, but he is definitely not a top tier defender. He is good but nothing special. I think that he is currently England's best defender along with the young lad Stones. But that just goes to show that England are suffering a shortage of quality centre backs at the moment.

  4. Grd8

    Av I been wrong yet? Predicted Man utd to lose and Liverpool to win clearly. They have Mourinho, so that means they won't be improving much from here on.

  5. Harry

    I kind of agree with you, around average, though he did have a decent run of form a season or two ago, which I hoped he'd maintain.

  6. Saint Wossy

    Overrated average defender. Stones is much better.

  7. Lucifer Morningstar

    He is average but ice in a while has a timely goal.

  8. Siddhartha

    He isn't that good under pressure if he can't pass the ball.

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