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How fast can you run 1 mile?

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  1. impressivestickman

    The best I ever did was 5:45, which I guess is kind of middle-of-the-road for, say, a high school track athlete (which I was at the time).

    I have also run a backwards mile in 11:45. I'm much more proud of that.

  2. Matthew

    In 8th grade i ran a 5:20. I am a freshman now and hope to break 4:45 this coming spring. Hope this answered your question well.

  3. Apollenaire

    When I was 16 I ran a 5:33 in practice but I was sprinter, 11.1 that year.

  4. John

    wow everyone so fast, i ran 6:10 last year, my pr is 6:07. of course, having never trained, that isnt horrible. i like sprinting more

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