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It's been 3 years since man united won the league?

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  1. Ryan

    Yes. Keep in mind they went 3 years without it after 2003, arsenals invincibles and a mourinho Chelsea double before United got to lift the trophy again. Well tht would have been 4 years really but by next year it's 4 years. But they won't win it this season.

  2. Anonymous

    They went four years without winning it from 2003-07. Everyone was celebrating the fact they were finished back then as Chelsea seemed so invincible, and look what happened.

    Obviously it's totally different now though, as they never came close to dropping out of the top four completely, but the PL is a much more competitive environment now, Spurs and City are on the scene.

  3. Lucifer Morningstar

    Yes it's generous of the Red Devils to allow other teams to win the Prem.

  4. Conrad

    And they're not going to win the league if they lose 3-1 to small teams like Watford

  5. Morag

    You'll be saying its 4 years next year

  6. Anonymous

    Yes, it has. And it's going to be a few more years until they do.

  7. Grd8

    It's becoming a distant memory year by year and making no challenges ever since make them look irrelevant.

  8. John H

    They won't win it this year either, maybe man city this year

  9. Kristian

    Haha, they're so sh*t now

  10. nWo Danny

    As the old mcdonals advert goes, ba-ba-ba-ba I'm lovin it!

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