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So you would consider someone masturbating on the bed bunker doing it private while in dorm or hostel ?
You would feel ok with someone masturbating in the shower yet feel as crime even if it was a all male bathroom stall and call police ?

Double standards everywhere. weird meaningless chaos.

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  1. Garrett

    Being naked in the shower in a public locker room is considered normal. Having a sex act in a public place- which is what masturbation is-- is not considered normal and in many places is considered a sex crime. If you masturbate in a hostel but are discrete of course then no one knows you are doing it or the others are choosing to ignore it or are doing it themselves. But a lot different being nude around other guys and showering, using the sauna or changing, and stroking one out.

  2. John

    Im 18 male... Haha. I don't know. Perhaps cause other people are in the bathroom with u and could hear u moan??? Who knows

  3. Zac

    Obviously, one is PRIVATE. I've never seen it happen in any of the hostels I've stayed in.

  4. Merlin

    Depends how local byelaws are written.

  5. Kat

    Because exposing someone to sexual activity without their consent is a crime.

  6. James


  7. Anonymous

    There is a complete difference between...PUBLIC...and...PRIVATE.

  8. JohnH

    yep, the difference with public place and private. think again

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