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Will they pause your credit card and will you get arrested I'm 13 and I've always thought about like winning the lottery or something but if it does happen not saying it will but if it does happen at the age I am now ( of course I know I can't play at the age but like if my mom does or something) and I...

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  1. esim345
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    The credit card companies have computer programs to monitor what people buy. And when they see an unusual purchase (like a spending spree, or two people using the card on the same day in different countries), they often call the card holder, and ask if they made the purchase. And if you say you didn't make the purchases, then they'll cancel the credit card. But they wouldn't cancel it without talking to you. And nobody gets arrested for buying things.


    If you are 13, you DO NOT have a credit card. You can't even be an authorized user on someone else's account at 13. You MAY have a DEBIT card, which is an entirely different thing.

    If the card is approved, the merchant won't give it a FIRST thought. Unless there is reason to believe the card was stolen, you won't be arrested, even if the card is declined.

  3. Anonymous

    I once got a rather large income tax check and went on a huge shopping spree. This was stopped in it's tracks by the bank cutting me off - they thought someone got hold of my card. No cellphone at the time, had to go home and call to see what was up.

    Talk about taking the air out of your balloon...

  4. Denton

    No one will arrest you for spending your own money. Yesterday I sld 15,000 worth of furniture to a guy who put it on his debit card.

  5. Naime

    If you win the lottery, go put it into savings.

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