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The designated survivor its someone that president chooose personally, to be his or her successor. But also the vice-president its involved. But imagine what would happen, to the POTUS(U.S. President), to the vice president and to the designated survivor. Would they go to another country, or they would they hide...

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  1. TB12

    The designated survivor is chosen by the Secret Service, not the president and is only used whenever the President, Vice-president and all of the department secretaries are gathered in one place at the same time. The person chosen is only chosen for that one time and that one event and a different person will be chosen the next time the need arises. The DS must be in the line of succession and must meet the Constitutional requirements for President. When chosen, the DS is taken to an undisclosed location and remains there for the duration of the event.

  2. harwarda

    The movie is based on the fact that during the State of the Union speech, one person is chosen not to go, in case of some disaster that wipes everyone everyone in the succession list to the President. It has nothing to do with a revolution. There is no revolution that is going to succeed against the US military- and no chance that the military is going to stage a coup.

    There are, however, bunkers under Washington, D.C. That's where Cheney hid out after 9/11 in case there were more attacks on Washington.

  3. They Pelted Us With


    Apparently this entire post is based on your misunderstanding a tv show ad.

    There is a long list of successors to the president. He doesn't pick one, other than by appointing them to the cabinet position.

  4. Neil

    Where do you get this nonsense? The Vice-President is not merely "involved," the Vice-President is the successor. The President does not pick.

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