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I am a very concerned American there was just a pipe bomb explosion in NYC I herd it's a false flag to bring in martial law?

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  1. Zhu

    The US has had Martial Law since 9-11-01. They just don't use that name. Under the USAPATRIOT act and NDAA, you can be kidnapped, held forever in a secret prison (with no habeas corpus), tortured, run through a kangaroo court system or just killed because some secret committee has put your name on a Kill List.

    How is that different from Martial Law?

  2. professor_petroglyph

    You “herd" wrong. There are 310 some odd million folks in America. Many with bad ideas and bad chemicals swirling between their ears. Pipe bombs happen. I remember a pipe bomb or two in my high school, growing up. It is a huge job, managing a huge population of vastly differing impulses and ideologies. I myself prefer a metacultural approach. It is more energy-efficient, than chasing my tail all the time. :)

  3. Denton

    There waS a bar fight at The Buccaneer tonight I think it's a false flag to bring back prohibition.

  4. jon_mac_usa_007

    You need to require proof of things before you think everything is a false flag op, don't be so foolish. Smart people require facts and proof, idiots only need hype and fear. Use your brain for a change .

  5. ella


  6. Sally

    Don't be gullible and believe everything you hear. Grow up.

  7. Godless Gazoo

    Are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion?

  8. davidmi711

    Well, who ever told you that is an idiot...

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