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I just watched the documentary ON netflix "where was god" A guy was told at 16 he would never have kids after a marriage or two and many gf he ended yp having a son. The son died when a tornado hit his school. They were balling their eyes out and i felt so bad for them. They appear to be in their 50s...

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  1. Connor

    We should have hope not in the fact that we control our future , but that God does. All humans are flawed, which is the reason that the things you've mentioned are happening. However, God did not design it to be this way. Sin, which causes these major problems, entered the world when Adam and Eve turned away from God, who is perfect in every way. Therefore, global world issues and the like are caused by man, so why trust in man. We should put are hope and trust in God, the one who created everything with perfect and sinless intentions. We can also hope in that by trusting in God, we will one day go the heaven, where all sin will disappear and the slate will be wiped clean. We will all live in peace with each other just like God had intended.

  2. feather

    Everything IS out of our control, but whether it's pointless or not is still up to us. We give good or bad meaning in an experience. We forge ourselves into who we believe we are.

    Do you morn that one tragic day in a devestation where your only son has died? Or do you get taken aback by what something so medically impossible happened to you and your loved ones? That someone who was pronounced impossible to have a child actually had one? That he LIVED he was not just that one tragic day, infact he was many days and years, you got to live and be around an impossible gift, I think that is worth thanking God for.

    It matters how things are portrayed in cinema, probably boxing things up in a depressive portrayal affects your perception of the world. But things are changeable, and perception is changeable, you choose to ampliphy the good or bad.

    We're not just struggling for hope, we live in a bounty of information and convenience that milleniums ago, people could never have had imagined or have no matter how rich or powerful they were. An average child today knows more than an average full grown adult centuries ago. We've inherited the gifts that our ancestors worked their backs off, and we get to have the convenienve than none of them ever had.

    Sometimes we lack appreciation for what we have because we missed out on the struggle to have all these things.

  3. Dan

    No one has control even over their own actions. Life is just complex physics, and intelligence is just complex life. So choices are just really really complex physics. it's simple cause and effect.

  4. Happy Hiram

    Yeah, if I were riding a tornado I would be right with you. But as I am not, you are just overreacting to a TV show.

  5. Houston, we have a p

    How do you not have hope when you have so much control over your education, place to live, friends, lifestyle, ethics, career, haircut, clothes . . . .

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