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According to my bmi, I am obese, but I don't look it at all. I have an hour clsss figure, wear size 10 jeans, and I don't have any rolls. I function just fine, but am I really unhealthy because of the bmi?

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  1. Philipthepale

    BMI is a poor tool for assessing obesity.
    It was a correlation made from observational study of a certain population that those whose heights and weights were in certain relationship with each other seemed to be fitting a particular category of either over or underweight.

    Its utility for health screening is marginal, at best, but because it is so easy to use and so widely published it is given undue respect.

  2. Digger

    BMI calculators are stupid and inaccurate. I tried calculating my BMI. It said I am over weight by 10 points. I have been working out for a few years and have a slim figure.

  3. Scott

    Obesity isn't a "look". It's a medical definition based on BMI.

  4. raquel

    No, the bmi assumes your weight is fat. It's not really that useful.

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