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What to do if their is no intimacy or love in your marriage?

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  1. Betsy

    You work out if you are willing to work on it. Which means acknowledging the parts both of you have played in the demise of your relationship and acting accordingly. If one of you either can't, or won't, work on fixing things, you either divorce or accept a loveless marriage.

  2. .

    Fix the marriage or end the marriage. I wouldn't care to stay in such a situation, even if there were other conveniences to it.

  3. Anonymous

    why is there no intimacy or love? how do you treat your spouse and make them feel?

  4. Doc

    Go home to your mommy and finish growing up.

  5. Frank

    Find someone else to be intimate with.

  6. Essence Lovetrip

    Find someone else to love you.

  7. Registered

    I learn to spell there.

  8. John Maclean

    Bang the neighbour

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