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A Muslim terrorist should be treated with less mercy than vermin

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  1. Naime

    "Enhanced interrogation" is such a pathetic term. They should just call it what it is. So that comes to the question at hand-picked is torture humane? Well, I can day this. What distinguishes America is most certainly it's independence, personal liberties, and ability to protect itself, but also it's moral righteousness. "Be the better man." Whether or not one seems it "moral", it is most certainly dishonorable on top of that.
    But what would I say? Give him a trial, but leave out the torture. A human is still a human, no matter how vile.

  2. y

    Don't care and don't see what the issue is, bad guy caught, eliminate bad guy as cheaply, effectively, and efficiently as possible. I really don't see what all the hype is about. Death is all part of the cycle and there is no such things as rehabilitation for these crazies. There isn't for the majority of violent criminals or sexual predators. Why feed, shelter, cloth, and go through the pretense like they matter. They would be more useful as fertilizer.

  3. rarguile

    How many people were killed by this inept terrorist? Zero. If you condone torture for this act then you are consenting to torture in all murder cases when the police decide that more evidence is needed.

  4. R.

    No. The U.S. is ruled by law. That terrorist will be treated and judged according to the law. We are not ISIS that torture their slave girls for them refusing to do what the soldier said. ( I saw the photo of the hands of the actual victim girl..4 fingers were missing, the rest of fingers are crooked )

  5. justagrandma

    He was captured in NJ. And no, he should be questioned and examined to find out what makes him tick, so that maybe we can recognize or prevent it in others.
    And then tossed in a cement cell and forgotten for life, he's 28, another fifty years should do it.

  6. joensfca

    Torture is not something I would ever support. We don't want to see Americans tortured, so we should not do it. Humans and other animals should not be tortured.

    Update Enhanced interrogation is torture.

  7. Anonymous

    According to leftists, only white people should be tortured.

  8. Destroyer sailor

    But but but, he hasn't been proved to be a terrorist. We haven't seen on Disney channel that he took his orders from ISIS/ISIL

  9. Anonymous

    the actor that is playing the part ? no . the real terrorists ( mossad , zionists ) yes .

  10. Squidmaster

    No. Torture is always morally wrong.

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