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Im 13 and my penis is 7.2 inches long and 6.3 inches in girth is that good?

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  1. SDCRIT • Death&#

    Slightly above average so you're fine.

  2. Pixel

    My penis is 4 inches. In diameter.

    It's not very long though. Imagine a tuna can.

  3. DAVE

    If it is a TROLL SHAME ON U I WOULD OF WASTED 5 MINUTES OF MY LIFE. if your being serious yes it's big bigger than average research shows anywhere between 5-6 inches is normal regular size girth I'm not quite sure but anything over 6 inches is bigger than UK average and anything over 8 Inches is massive and anything over 10 Inches is f*cking huge.
    No but you bigger than UK average length wise you should be PROUD OF ONESELF

  4. Anonymous

    Your penis size is very big and a wonderful size.

  5. Garrett

    Huge. Less than 5% are 7 inches or more- and that is adults

  6. edward123382064

    If y'all not gon take me serious then just get the **** out... and i should've said 14 cause i turn 14 in a few days

  7. Goldfly252000

    Wow dude you are small for your age. Most guys on the internet claim to be closer to 9 inches at your age. If it makes you feel better though you aren't going to impress any girls who read this because they know you are lying.

  8. Mike G

    It's a lie, troll.

  9. Merlin

    Its gonna frighten the life outta any 14 yr old girl.

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