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They were taught what the meaning of poor and rich by white people. White people want to be like Native Americans, but they can't be, so they hate native Americans because they can't be like them.

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  1. Anonymous

    Haha, what kind of fantasy history are you reading?
    Oh yes, the lovely natives who all waved crystals and hugged and loved each other (let's forget the cannibalism that's been found in the archaeological record, and evidence of warfare towards other tribes.)
    Not that I don't have sympathy for the fate of the natives--I do. But a neolithic stone using culture is always going to be at the mercy of more technolocally advances peoples. It has been that way throughout time, and it is totally childish to believe otherwise, or to call people 'evil' 400 years ago when their mores and values were totally different to those of today

  2. glenbarrington

    HUGE numbers of Native Americans were already dead before the first settlers got here, It was exposure to the Old World diseases inadvertently spread by the earliest European explorers that made North and South America seem so empty to the European Settlers.

    These continents seemed empty because they essentially were. I'm not defending the settlers, though applying modern morals seems a bit too convenient to people who were starving and oppressed in the old world. They were a desperate people whose level of nutrition went UP overall by coming to the new world. I'll let God sort out the justice for them.

    Your version of the world that existed 500 - 800 years ago is too simplistic.

  3. Anonymous

    It was payback for Mongols middle easterners and North Africans invading enslaving raping and killing millions of Europeans. Karma

  4. Kira

    I guess they did not like to be scalped and brutally murdered by the Native savages.

  5. Anonymous

    Its the black butchers who did it.

    No one believes whites did it.

  6. BlvckPower

    Its what whites do.

  7. dorothy

    TWO words , GREED & RACISM

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