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Find out if she was really pregnant or just trying to keep me?

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  1. Pascal the Gambler

    No way to find out really, you have no access to medical records, and unless they did an autopsy that revealed she was pregnant, you can't know.

  2. Athena

    How do you propose doing that?
    A lot of failed pregnancies have no actual record.
    Unless you were legally married you have no right to her medical information.

  3. Philipthepale

    That information would be in the autopsy report.
    You might be able to get a copy of it, for a small fee, through your area's medical examiner's office.

  4. Foofa

    If you must know you could always look up her social media accounts and try to get chatty with someone she communicated with regularly.

  5. David

    You know, at this point it won't change anything so why pursue it?

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