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I wanna go back to school but what road do I take community college or what will I be again to get into a good school ?

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  1. Trey

    You can. Penn Foster is an accredited school, but it definitely doesn't "count the same as any other" when it comes to top law school admissions.

    You can get into law schools. Your age and lack of pedigree in undergrad institution will make it challenging to get into top 15 schools probably, but not impossible. The application process is a tough one that successful applicants take years to research and plan for.

    The thing with professional schools, particularly business and law, is that you really have to weigh the investment. The astronomical cost and lost wages from 2-3 years out of work don't often pay off for the job prospects you are going to have out of an average or low ranked program. Any program that doesn't publish salary info for graduates needs to be reviewed very skeptically before you invest time and money there.

    In general law grads have the toughest time finding work right now compared to MDs and MBAs.

    If it's what you really want to do you can, you just need to be very serious about it.

    Good luck!

  2. Squid

    Penn Foster is an accredited school and counts the same as any other school.

    Yes, you can go to college and law school, regardless of your age.

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