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Im a junior in highschool and I run XC. About 7 months ago i figured out i was anemic and have been taking iron pills ever since. This was during track season, which i ended with a 5:15 mile. A few days ago i did 5x1mile repeats and was under 6 minutes for each besides the first ome which was a 6:01. Im stuck at...

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  1. Adam D

    Your training pace is right where it should be to run a 3 mile race in 19 minutes. Start working your training pace down, and your race pace will follow.

    Vitamins only help if you're deficient in some nutrient - for example, you were anemic, and prescribed iron. If you're eating a balanced, healthy diet, most of the time there is no need for vitamins. If you're not eating a balanced, healthy diet, you should start doing so.

    I wouldn't touch the iron dosage without instructions from your doctor.

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