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I do cross country at my school and it really hurts my knee because I have hoof s syndrome, we are going on an off campus run tomorrow and its 3 miles, i can t run 3 miles on a hurt knee, not to mention I m going to be behind everybody and probably get lost, the coaches told us not to come if we where walking...

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  1. Apollenaire

    Go and don't run or simply don't go. Your mom is telling you, for better or worse, to do something that will hurt you. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't step off a building if she told you to because it would hurt you. Not sure why this is different. I simply wouldn't go and tell my mom the coaches told me not to run because they did. Let her work it out with the coaches if she has a problem with their decision, she can explain her coaching philosophy and principles, given her background in coaching and they can explain theirs.

  2. John

    go, but tell the coach you can't run. you will end up sitting out, but your mom won't know that lol

  3. Nine

    Tell that bihhh what's on your mind

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