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What the difference between Theme Parks and Amusement Parks?

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  1. Steven S
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    They are basically the same but theme parks have an ongoing theme to them such as space flight, cartoon characters etc.

  2. Big hairy George

    Amusement park is a general term. Technically all theme parks are amusement parks. Disney parks, for example, are theme parks because they are based around Disney characters and themes, Coaster Parks like Cedar Point and Great Adventure are theme parks with a roller coaster theme. Coney Island is not a theme park. It includes a variety of amusement attractions - or at least it did in its heyday.

  3. rick29148

    Very little. Amusement Parks are just 'general' amusement while theme parks have all the amusements follow a specific theme... A roller coaster is still a roller coaster weather all the cars are just cars or dolled-up to look like Dumbo.

  4. dan

    Theme parks are cheesier than amusement parks which are just honest-to-goodness places with no pretensions. Theme parks eventually become dated-looking too.

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