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I am 25 but look 16 or 17 years old.Whenever I go to a restaurant with 2 or people that are obviously adults and we are about to leave,my sister that is 28(but looks 18 or 19) gets told''have a good day'' when she is walking past the adult waitress and my mom,dad and grandparents,get told...

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  1. Groovy_Unicorn

    The waitress usually says bit to the member of the party leading the rest out. No need to say it to everyone.

  2. DR + Mrs Bears face

    I am delighted when I am not ordered to "have a nice day". Why do they think that they are important enough to me for me to take any notice of them. I will have a nice day, whether they tell me to or not, Because my pleasure doe snot depend on them.

  3. JenWales

    Maybe you put off an unfriendly vibe.

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