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Why are Hulks shorts purple ?

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  1. Haz

    Basic colour theory. Purple and green are opposites so greater contrast, allowing minimal coverage by the shorts to show expanse of green muscular flesh.

  2. donald

    Better question: why doesn't Bruce banners pants rip off when he gets angry and turns into the hulk?

  3. Wise Cracker

    Purple goes pretty good with green........it's an art thing.

  4. Can't Have i

    The purple ink showed up better against the green ink in the comic books. They were originally gray.

  5. Hollie

    It's his favourite colour :D

  6. P

    To match his vericose veins.

  7. SatanicSmaug1996

    Favorite color

  8. AspieKid1991

    Why not?

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