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If everyone in the world stopped farting, permanently, would that stop global warming ?

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  1. Metalplanttag

    No, we need less Co2 taken out of long term storage. farts involve gases and elements already in an active cycle. The problem is adding what has been stored for a long time back into the atmosphere.

  2. Kano

    Nope. Farting is part of the carbon cycle, plants take in CO2 and grow, plants eventually decay or get eaten and the CO2 released.

  3. Yushchyshyn

    No. The only way to stop global warming is to stop burning fossil fuels.

  4. Bathe Her And Bring

    more methane seeps out of the gulf of mexico on its own in one day than is pumped out worldwide in a year.

  5. regerugged

    Did you ever try to stop one. It cannot be done.

  6. Gerald Cline

    It would be as effective as anything else the alarmists have suggested.

  7. cindy

    More like, if cows stopped.

  8. ?

    Yes, so clench your anus cheeks as hard as you can.

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